Client Challenges

Our advisory services respond to a dearth of ‘strategic thinking’ capabilities at senior leadership levels. Our extensive corporate research identifies some of the common strategic thinking challenges as cited by leaders in most organisations
  • Strategy is a preserve of the few senior leaders at the top and the rest of the organisation does not participate in the strategy process.
  • Executives are too operational in their approach, and cannot inspire people towards a long-term vision.
  • Leaders promoted from specialists roles within the organisation take too long to settle into their new general management roles.
  • One of the highest risks in appointing new executives is ascertaining whether they would be able to provide adequate strategic leadership in their portfolio.
  • A fast-paced world coupled with intense competition and demanding shareholders force executives to default to short-term thinking and neglect creating the future of the enterprise.
  • Opportunities for growth are getting tougher to identify and riskier to take advantage of, putting pressure on the accuracy of expansion decisions for executives.
  • The sustainability drive globally, requires a rethink of old established business models even for the most successful organisations. Balancing performance, profits and sustainability is a delicate leadership art requiring non-linear thinking and comfort in dealing with complexity.