STI Membership

Strategic Thinking Institute offers individual and corporate membership. Corporate membership allows multiple memberships to be taken out within the same organization at a discounted rate. Corporate members also benefit from being able to change representative members at their convenience if employees leave or join the organization.

Benefits of Membership

Members Discount

  • Members receive a discount on the Annual Africa Strategy Director Conference delegate fee
  • Members receive a discount on the Strategic Thinking Institute corporate seminars and programs

Strategy Insight Quarterly

Members receive an electronic copy of Strategy Insight Quarterly each quarter, the official newsletter of the institute

Online Groups: Knowledge and Expertize Sharing

Members have access to the Strategic Thinking Institute group, hosted on Linkedin, which creates a platform for members to exchange their knowledge

Online Library

Members will have online access of Top 20 Strategy eBooks providing convenience and accessibility

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To sign up for membership, or for further membership information contact us.

Tel:010 035 0033

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