Coaching Programs

Our coaching programs can be open to delegates from multiple organisations and disciplines or can be customized to the leadership development requirements of a specific organisation.

Board and Executive-Level Coaching

STI presents a high impact half-day 'Strategic Thinking Master Class', a refresher program for busy executives. Both board and executive teams have the ultimate responsibility for the organisation's asset portfolio management in preserving and creating value in both the short and long-term. The program outlines strategic thinking techniques critical to balancing conformance priorities in managing compliance risks while simultaneously taking key decisions that determine long-term organizational performance.

Business Unit head, Functional Leader, and Specialist-Level Coaching

'The Advanced Strategic Thinking Program' targets top team individuals with responsibility for planning and executing long-term value-creation decisions within high performance organisations. Delegates to this program sit close to the board and executive’s long-term corporate agenda while they are also responsible for integrating the organizational structure, assets and culture in order to drive performance and delivery. They are the organisation's future executive talent.

Middle Management, Succession and Talent Candidate-Level Coaching

'The Introductory Strategic Thinking Program' is targeted at future leaders enrolled in talent and succession development programs. The program prepares delegates to cope with the decision-making demands of operating and leading at a higher, more abstract and complex level of general management. While there are exceptions, the global scarcity of talent has seen more organisations promoting from within, usually from specialist or functional disciplines to general line-management roles. The leadership and managerial leap to the next level can be a steep learning curve for the new appointee: decision complexity and risk increases dramatically, all of which may result in unintended long-term damage to the business.